Why you should choose Aiwan E Shahi, the original Mughlai Cuisine?

Quality Commitment
Hygiene and originality are most important for us. We, ourselve, remain too much suspicious of grinded spices available in the market, and hence we avoid them. Adulterated spices are not only harmful to health, they also spoils the taste/aroma of the dish. We select only grade-1 spices, and have them grinded in our own supervision. We do not allow or use any colour. When it comes to meat, we just select healthy meat that is prepared in a very hiegienic way.

Importance of specific portions of meat
In Mughlai cuisine, not all portions of meat are suitable for preparing a particular product. Each product requires a specific type (or portion) of meat to give a perfect taste. For example, Kababs require meat from a specific portion of animal. Nowadays, what is being seen, people are using substandard meat or a mix of different portions of meat, just to keep the cost low. Moreover, for example, because Kababs cannot be made by using such kind of meat, they mix flour and even Colocasia (Arbi) paste with the meat. The result, Kababs becomes hard, having taste far from the original taste, and also harms digestion. We assure you that we have never used and will never be adopting any such practices.

Dine-in versus Delivery
We encourage you to prefer dining-out at Aiwan e Shahi instead of getting the food delivered at your doorstep.There are various critically important factors that affect the taste you get. Proper knowledge of which items goes well together which do not, the sequence of items being taken, the temperature of the food, the freshness and hotness of breads, are some of those. These are absolutely important for having Mughlai food. We are not just serving the food, but also share with you the correct ways of having Mughlai food. Hence, it is good for you to come and have your dinner at Aiwan e Shahi. Much more effort and resources are required to serve you while you are having your food at Aiwan e Shahi, in comparison to delivering it you. But still, we want to see you here.

To deliver food, we depend on some logistics providers. Since, these providers are not in our control, we often face a considerable delay in getting a delivery boy. We do not (and cannot) provide any delivery time guarantees. Best option is to dine-out at Aiwan e Shahi, or you should pick your order yourself.