Partner with Aiwan e Shahi

The Brand

Aiwan e Shahi is one of the major attractions for hard-core Mughlai non-vegetarians, from across Delhi NCR. Due to uniqueness and quality of its food, it is being highly appreciated by purists.

Aiwan e Shahi has a unique collection of recipes in its "original" form, not the "run-of-the-mill" recipes. Moreover, each and every recipe is being followed religiously, without any compromises. If a recipe suggests grinding using "Sil-Batta (Grind Stones)" then only that will be used, no short-cuts, no electronic mixers/grinders. If it requires Hamam Dasta, then no other equipment but only the Hamam Dasta will be used. This effort pays-off in great taste, that is resulting in customer appreciation and loyalty.

Who can be a partner?

Anyone who would like to be a part of one of the most respected and fastest growing food business. You can be an active partner involved in day to day activities of managing and handling front-end activities at the restaurant. Or you can be a passive partner too.

What we provide?

You will be using our registered brand name. We have developed our model such that you can run your restaurant with a minimum number of staff members, without even taking the burden of searching, hiring, and retaining chefs.

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